Hi there. Thanks for taking a look at my site.

Well, I'm a pretty well travelled 40-something Kiwi, having had many adventures through geographically diverse locations and environments.  I love being on expeditions, pushing myself on long distance hikes, mountain bike rides or kayak trips, all whilst photographing the scenes before me.

I've captured many subjects, from the vast empty expanses of the Alaskan wilderness and the Australian outback, to the vibrant, bustling, crowded cities of SE Asia. I've been based out of Singapore for the past 14 years, and have shot many architectural projects, corporate profiles, and food & beverage assignments, both within Singapore as well as the neighbouring region and back in Australia.

I am most definitely a self-taught image-maker, so I can’t boast a list of academic photographic credentials. I do have a pretty respectable client list though, (DHL, Sofitel , Clyde & Co, and MasterChef to name a few) and now, shooting almost exclusively with Nikon equipment, I am also a member of Nikon Professional Services, which is a very important and useful resource as a working professional.

I'm always keen to discuss and/or collaborate on new projects. Please contact me if you're keen to discuss work or have any questions.